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Bomb cosmetics takes pride in the fact that all its products are 100% handmade. Every product of Bomb Cosmetics has essential oils extracted from plants, flowers, and fruits. These include Bomb Cosmetics soaps, Bomb cosmetics bath bombs, and  Bomb Cosmetics lip balms to name a few. All the products are molded, mixed, rolled, and piped entirely by hand. Bomb has a team of over 250 Bomb-er Lomb-ers who skillfully use their crafts and contribute to making these products unique.

Bomb has products in categories such as Bath & Shower, Face & Body, Home Fragrance, and Living & Gifts. Bath soaps and bath bombs made in shapes such as cupcakes and sundaes may have caught the attention of many but so are the reviews for Bomb cosmetics pedicures.

In 2016, Bomb Cosmetics decided to move all of its glitters to a new type of bio-degradable sparkle which is special regenerated cellulose is made from Eucalyptus tree extract! And on the latest upgrade to being even more environmentally friendly, Bomb is now working on changing these bio-degradable glitters to mica and sanding sugars.

Bomb believes that no one on this planet including animals, humans, and the environment should suffer because of the luxury products humans use. And so, they have made it their motto to make sure that nobody is harmed in the making of their products. 

Bomb Cosmetics is strictly against testing its products on animals, and they stand firm on this to the extent that it doesn’t even sell its products in countries that require animal testing to be done by law.

While customers love using Bomb products themselves, many people also like to shower love on their loved ones and pamper them with bomb cosmetics gift sets. Bomb-ers say that these products have the power to soothe the user’s soul and their fragrance can enhance their mood.

Bomb has received love and appreciation from its customers spread across 72 countries. And the good news is that Bomb Cosmetics products are now available in India too. 

Indian customers are loving the shapes of the products that truly are ‘Bomb’. And on top of it, the mesmerizing fragrances that these products have are soothing to the core. Strawberry cheesecake lip balm, fruit salad lip tint, and cola lip scrub, ah..! Aren’t these simply awesome for people who love beauty products?

These Bomb-ers seem and smell yummy! Have you tried yet?

If you live in India and wonder if and how you can get your hands on these handmade and environmentally-friendly products then you are at the right place. Products of  Bomb Cosmetics in India can easily be purchased from COSSOUQ. COSSOUQ is a marketplace that curates unique skincare, personal care, and beauty products from the best national and international brands. COSSOUQ was established with the motive to provide Indian audiences with the best products from the comfort of their home.