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Buy Dr. Rashel Skin Care Products Online

Customers who have used Dr. Rashel skincare products recommend its products with great enthusiasm for people with dry skin or pigmentation. The brand believes that magnificence and brilliance come from excellent raw materials and well-executed artistry. It says that skincare products’ real meaning is rooted in the pure natural material it is made of.

Dr. Rashel was established in the year 2000 in Dubai. Dr. Rashel gold ossein fragrance series abides by the tradition of choosing precious natural materials. Its products are an amazing blend of unique ingredients, bold expeditions, and sparkling innovations. 

Lately, people love products from Dr. Rashel, and for all the right reasons! Many products from this brand have received awesome customer reviews, including  Dr. Rashel vitamin C face cream and Dr. Rashel night cream.

The brand entered the premium cosmetic segment with genuine and unique handcrafted soaps. Dr. Rashel has been at the forefront of spreading the concept of wholesome natural skin care till date.

The production concept for the brand’s natural essential oil soap series originated from an ancient village in south-eastern France. These are powerful creations as they combine the essence of flowers, herbs, and plants.

Best Dr.Rashel Natural Skin Care Products

Dr. Rashel Vitamin C Serum

Dr. Rashel vitamin c serum for brightening and anti-aging helps fade sun spots, minimizes fine lines, reduces wrinkle formation, enhances skin texture, and treats discoloration. The high-density base of unadulterated vegan hyaluronic acid in it enables it to replenish skin cells and protect and revitalize the skin.

Dr. Rashel Aloe Vera Gel

One of its bestsellers,  Dr. Rashel aloe vera gel, is a multipurpose gel. It helps soothe sunburn because of its cooling properties, moisturizes skin, fights skin aging, lightens blemishes on the face, reduces infection and acne, stimulates healthy hair build-up, and adds intense shine to the hair, making them silky soft, and smooth.

Dr. Rashel Whitening Cream

A lot of people want to know whether  Dr. Rashel whitening cream  can be bought in India. To answer them, this cream is available along with several other Dr. Rashel products. 

Dr. Rashel Facial Kit

The brand offers many variants of Dr. Rashel facial kit. Dr. Rashel face and body kits include kits for tanning, dark spots, scars, and marks; face and body gift kits for skin whitening and brightening; kits for exfoliation, tan removal, deep pore cleansing, and moisturizing; etc.

Dr. Rashel’s cleanser range includes Argan oil multi-lift facial cleanser, white skin whitening fade cleanser, charcoal facewash deep cleansing, and anti-pollution with active cooling.

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Through constant research and continuous work to make the brand big and the one that adds value to its users, Dr. Rashel now has the following in its product portfolio: creams in different variants, including chocolate, charcoal, strawberry, sandal, and avocado cream. Moreover, its range of scrubs includes pearl, almond, charcoal, strawberry, coffee, and more. You can also check out its amazing and wide range of face packs and gels by visiting COSSOUQ.

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