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Durex is a well-known condom and personal lubricants brand formed in the year of 1915. It has an experience of more than 80 years of promoting safe sex in India. 

The condoms undergo the air inflation test to check the elasticity and the burst strength. If any loopholes are noticed, the whole batch of condoms does not move out of the factory.

Thus all its products are made of the finest quality raw materials and pass through stringent quality tests before reaching your doorstep. 

The brand wants to cherish the bond of love. This is why it provides several different flavored condoms and Durex lubricant gels. You won’t resist diving deeper and knowing them further. Let’s know what Durex products you will find on our online platform of Cossouq. 

Make your love-making chocolaty! Try Durex Extra Thin Intense Chocolate Condoms. They are dermatologically tested and guarantee a high level of protection. Make your sexual experience more delicious and exciting using Durex condoms

Get a bit closer to your partner with Durex Extra Dots Condoms. It maximizes the stimulation. This time do not get distracted. Dive into the comfortable pleasure whenever you and your partner wish.  

If your love says yes, satisfy his or her sensual desire and get Durex Mutual Climax Condoms. There are even Durex Invisible Condoms to make the bond with your partner even stronger. 

Feeling itchy? Try Durex Lube Sensual Massage and Lubricant Gel. It is suitable for massage and helps eradicate vaginal dryness. If you love the fruity flavor, Durex offers Play Cheeky Cherry Lubricant Gel. It is suitable for oral, vaginal, and anal sex. 

If you want to cherish the most memorable moments with your partner, the Durex condoms are a perfect choice. Reach Cossouq, scroll through our website, and get the best products delivered to your doorstep.