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Farmskin started with the discovery that the colostrum of cows, a significant portion of which was unutilized in rural areas of Korea, is an optimized ingredient for cosmetics. Farmskin uncovered that the colostrum of cows is considered valuable and used in various fields abroad. 

Following this, Farmskin developed its own colostrum processing technology in cooperation with Konkuk University, a leader in agriculture and livestock bioscience and developed a natural skincare beauty brand. Farmskin is committed to continuing these efforts towards re-discovering the potential of nourishing raw materials from rural areas with the help of science.

All Farmskin products are made under a philosophy, Philo-Farm. Under this philosophy, the brand will only produce and sell those Farm skin products that families of every team member in Farmskin would want to use. And if there comes a product idea that will not be used by the team’s families, that product will not be put out in the market. Through this, the brand wants to assure its customers about the product’s superior quality and reliability. Farmskin has a clear vision of dealing in products that contribute to rural communities.

Best Farmskin Products Online

Farmskin has a variety of products in the haircare and skincare categories including hair masks, face masks, creams, lip balms and more. Farmskin superfood salad for skin has been the most-loved product from  Farmskin superfood. The  FarmSkin Superfood Salad for Facial Sheet Mask Series contains the nutritional value of carefully selected SuperFood. These natural ingredients of the  FarmSkin Salad Mask make skin healthier and fresher. Available in avocado, coconut, honey, carrot, blueberry, beet and more variants, these products are a treat to people who love to use beauty products made from natural ingredients. Farmskin offers biodegradable, environment-friendly products made from natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

Farmskin’s flagship product Superfood Salad Sheet Masks won the main prize at the 2019 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), which is one of the top design awards in the world. The sheet masks won among other competitors because of their fresh and creative designs that broke the mold of the existing cosmetic designs. One of the reasons that the brand was in the spotlight and captured eyeballs was because of its packaging that was in the form similar to an actual edible salad. 

Farmskin, defines itself as the farmers in the skin industry. They connect farmers with customers who love using natural beauty products. To do so, they source natural ingredients from farmers, add value to these ingredients to be used for skincare and hair care needs; thus bridging the gap between the two parties.

Farmskin produces effective & environmentally-friendly products. Yet, it treats the safety of its customers as a priority concern. Farmskin requires all its products to be dermatologically tested and replaces all possible products with allergen-free fragrances. The brand also promises to promote knowledge through its activities. It desires to go beyond just making safe and clean products. Farmskin supports content creation related to the wellbeing of people and nature. It promotes knowledge that helps people to live a healthy, beautiful, and eco-friendly life. Farm Skin on its journey to growth will also provide new sources of income to farms with colostrum cosmetics, and high-quality products to its customers.