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Fogg brand is a sister company of Vini cosmetics- A brainchild of Mr Darshan Patel. The organization sticks to providing unique and qualitative products that smell and look good. 

The company hopes to fill a bucket with rich experiences through its distinction strategy. It encourages its customers to listen to the inner voices of their unmet desires.

VINI envisions becoming the leading personal care products provider globally to deliver exceptional products compared to the other brands. 

When we hear Fogg, what runs through our heads are its catchy dialogues of majorly promoted T.V. commercials. This has made the fogg deodorant market become an instant hit, sticking to its USP of “No gas, only spray”. 

Fogg deodorant spray brings you magical and mesmerizing bottles filled with an enchanting fragrance. Cossouq is all set to drive you through the aromatic world, where you get an opportunity to pick the Fogg perfumes of your choice and ace your style. 

Dive into the ocean of refreshing scents and wear Fogg Fine Brazilian Burst Body Spray. Packed in a bottle with no colorant or alcohol, it keeps you fresh throughout the day. So stay aromatic and feel fresh! 

If you hate unwanted body odor, keep it at bay with no gas Fogg Marco Fragrance Body Spray. It absorbs sweat and soothes the sensitive area of the underarms. 

Well, it is said, “a friend in need is a friend indeed,” so befriend the Fogg body spray. It is ever ready to commute with you to college, the office, or at unplanned night outs. Let your fragrance last longer it is available for men and women. 

For a heavenly feeling, sprinkle a few drops of Fogg Paradise Fragrance Body Spray. It is crafted for women to instill confidence in them and bury the fears of daily adventures. So just slay with an enchanting scent and get Fogg deo for women online. 

When someone asks you, “Kya chal raha hai? (What’s trending) and you reply by saying, “Fogg chal raha hai” (It’s fogg that’s trending). You abide yourself to buy Fogg brand deodorants to really make your statement true. Go and shop them online from Cossouq