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Gillette  is a company laser-focused on precision. As King Gillette, Founder of Gillette, once said “We’ll stop making razor blades when we can’t keep making them better.” Gillette is keen on developing a handle for every hand, and a blade for every face. Gillette is innovating for you — no matter your shaving needs.

King C. Gillette was the inventor of razors with disposable blades. Several razor models were in existence before the one invented by King Gillette. However, King Camp Gillette and his amazing razor were the first disruptors of the grooming category as well as the barbershop industry. It was a time of fast-changing trends. During the late 1800s, men’s facial trends were changing rapidly. The Longbeard trend was replaced with clean cheeks and chin. Also, it was a time when well-manicured mustaches were in. Men who were active followers of the trend either visited the barbershop two to three times a week or shave. However, this was a risky task.

One day, King C. Gillette noticed that his permanent blade razor was dull and required professional sharpening. It was then that he envisioned making disposable razor blades.

These  Gillette razor blades  were designed in such a way that could be used safely for shaving and gave personal freedom of shaving to achieve the looks they desired.

Soon, the product became popular in the market and people started recognizing them as the best Gillette safety razors as opposed to permanent blade razors. Not only razors but its shaving cream also became the best in-demand shaving creams. Men’s first priority in regards to shaving was to buy the best Gillette shaving cream. Using Gillette products also gave them a sense of luxury even while shaving at home.

With time many other products related to shaving and grooming were launched by the brand. These include  Gillette shaving foam, trimmers, heated razor kit, protective shave cream, face wash, moisturizer,  Gillette shaving gel, etc.

Gillette went on innovating new razors by updating the features of its razors. In the year 1900, King C. Gillette had the revolutionary idea of disposable blades so thin and so strong they were deemed impossible to forge by MIT-trained scientists. Over the years it launched adjustable razors, techmatic razors, twin-blade shaving system, the first twin-blade shaving cartridge with a pivoting head, and so on and so forth.

Products from the brand are considered the best when it comes to grooming essentials by the customers so much so that many even think of these products as one of the best gifting options. The brand has gone one step forward to this by observing the gifting trend. It has launched some exciting Gillette shaving gift sets to further make the gifts more attractive.

Gillette razors are broadly divided into Gillette ProGlide, Gillette SkinGuard, Gillette FUSION5, and Gillette MACH3. Some people also think that these are Gillette razor brands. Although, these are all part of the Gillette family. Another major part of its product list is its shaving kits.  Gillette shaving kits make it easier to buy shaving essentials that supplement each other.

Gillette has a different section for razors designed for women under the brand name Gillete Venus. A variety of razors are offered to cater to the different needs of women so you can choose the best Gillette venus razor  as per your requirement. Some of these razors are named smooth sensitive razor, deluxe smooth razor, comfort glide razor, extra smooth disposables, simply 3 disposables, comfort glide white tea disposables, etc.

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