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Godrej Expert has bagged the tag of India’s first Hair color brand. It offers beautiful and ammonia-free colors that make your hair look good. Do you love to flaunt colorful hair on every occasion? A hair expert is here to help.  

Godrej Expert is the “Young at Heart” brand, investing consciously in research and innovation. This makes its hair color products excel from the rest of the market players. 

The brand was established in 1975. It launched Godrej Liquid Hair Dye as its first product. This made Godrej Expert a pioneer in the hair color industry. From liquid hair color, its innovative side led the company to bring hair dye in powder form. 

You might have used hair color from sachets if you love coloring your hair. But do you know Godrej Expert was the first brand to bring the reform of making hair dyes available in sachets? This innovative format made hair colors broadly available in the Indian market. 

As a part of its rebranding exercise, it came with a Gel-based and Cream-based format. The basket of its hair color products is filled with Godrej Expert Original, Godrej Expert Rich Creme Hair Colour, Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Color, and Godrej Expert Advanced in various shades and affordable prices. You can even buy Godrej Expert products online

Godrej Expert Advanced comes in natural black and natural brown colors. The best part is it slips and covers every single strand of hair. Besides, it is loaded with hair conditioners that make your hair soft and silky. Ammonia-free colors do not bleach and lighten your hair. 

Godrej Expert Cream hair colors are available in 5 different shades. Pick one you love to wear. 

Coloring your hair nowadays has become simple! Buy Godrej Expert Products Online from Cossouq and amp up your look.