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Indulgeo Essentials Skincare & Haircare Products Online In India

Nature, the origin of humankind and the regulator of life on earth, evidently has immense properties and solutions to your skincare concerns. And the right mix of concoctions from organic ingredients is brought into usable form by Indulgeo Essentials. Indulgeo Essential is a homegrown brand that rigorously believes in providing a luxurious experience for your skin concerns with the help of nature. After carrying the necessary customizations, this brand provides a perfect organic skincare blend for your face, eyes, and hair. With the goodness of rosemary oil, jojoba oil, sage oil, and a plethora of other extracts, Indulgeo essentials know the perfect organic blend for all of your skin concerns that would work like gold. Treating different skin care concerns of your body with just one type of product would be torture. So to make sure that your skin is treated right, Indulgeo Essentials products have the right mix for respective concerns.

For Radiant Face and Skin

Remember how earlier we mentioned that the  Indulgeo Essentials skincare product works like gold? Well, this is because they actually use 24k gold in the Indulgeo rose gold oil and Indulgeo wonders gold oil. Yes! You read it right! The 24k gold flakes in the oil not only give a luxurious experience to you but also a natural glow to your skin. With the richness of Olive and sugarcane,  Squalance skin hydrator helps you bid farewell to dark spots and dull skin. This magic elixir removes dark spots by deeply nourishing the skin and fighting the blemishes. As ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, an oil-soluble derivative of Vitamin C brightens the skin, it also quickly slips into your skin and provides deeper nourishment. And on top of it, the serum combats premature aging and gives long-lasting hydration with the end result of soft, youthful, radiant skin. Just a few drops of these magical concoctions in your daily use will bring out the difference in your skin. 

Indulgeo Eye Beauty Products - For Your Eyes Only

As the saying goes “Your eyes speak what the words could not”, and it literally is the case sometimes isn’t it? When you have had a long tiring day at work or a nightmare that didn’t let you sleep or you teared up watching The Lion King. Whatever the reason is, your eyes will blurt out the whole story. Those dull, puffy, tired eyes will tell them what your mouth hesitates. But don’t worry because Indulgeo essentials’ organic  Indulgeo Essentials Rejuvenating Eye Serum and eye gel are at the rescue. With the goodness of Vitamin E, green tea, green coffee, and bearberry extract, this eye gel is a one-pump solution for puffy and dull eyes. This light solution quickly hydrates the skin under your eyes and gets rid of puffiness. It also tightens the wrinkles and fine lines under your eyes giving them a boost of freshness. Well, this is not all, there is something for your brows too! Whether you want to boost your brow growth or just need a little styling to fluff it up, Indulgeo has got you covered. There is a range of products for your eyes only by Indulgeo essentials and you can find them on cossouq

Indulgeo Hair Products - For your hair care

Imagine the luscious long locks of hair with soft feather-like touch and a bright shine. But don’t worry, you won’t have to stop there. Instead, you can turn your imagination into reality with Indulgeo essentials’ organic hair care products. Void of any harmful toxins and the richness of exotic oils will promote the overall health of your hair.

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