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Kocostar is a Korean-based brand that has agents to have plumy skin and it is manufactured with all the goodness of Korean secret skin ingredients which nourish your skin, hair, and lips. Are you tired of going to salons and getting a pedicure, that too at the rates which feel like burning money? Yes, so we have got you covered!! Kocostar foot therapy is the best to show your love towards your feet.

Kocostar Home Spa kit is the best gift for your feet, it comes with a step-by-step guide that includes a Kocostar foot peeling pack which has an easy application procedure, all you need is to wear it like socks and that too is available in cute patterns. And, it is made by using AHA, glycolic acid, lactic acid which is extracted from fermented milk and sugarcane organically. It leaves your skin moisturized and removes dirt and dead cells which makes skin glowing and smooth, and nourishes the dry flaky skin. It has ingredients that are meant to soothe, rejuvenate the skin cells, and even has healing properties to heal the shoes’ bruises and even random small cuts. 

And, it even includes Kocostar leg relaxation therapy is what we need for perfect leg nourishment, it is a pull-up sock that is long enough to cover your whole leg, and enriches nourishment.  And, later the process is followed by a Kocostar foot moisture pack and it is made with the fabric which is waterproof and has all the essential goodness that is needed. It doesn’t interfere with your daily life activities as all you need to do is wear it like a pair of socks. It nurtures your skin, as it has deep conditioning formula which hydrates and moisturizes all the layers of skin, by giving you nourished, refreshed, and smooth. The moisture even has moisture-locking properties which allow the moisture to retain into your skin for the longest. 

Kocostar tropical eye patch delivers cooling hydrogels to your eyes that hydrate, brighten, & protect your eyes with the goodness of tropical fruits. It is infused with fruit extracts that maximize its goodness and give a healthy glow, all the ingredients are derived naturally and cause no harm. It gives a glow boost to your tired eyes. It even helps in reducing fine lines and protects the eyes from any external damage. It is available in 5 different types according to each different need, so you can choose accordingly.

Kocostar princess eye patch has a royal fragrance of lavender, peppermint, and chamomile to make you feel like a princess. It is a hydrogel under eye patch infused with the goodness of gold which gives a boost of golden radiating skin. It focuses eye care on a concentrated area and leaves your eye nourished, hydrated and glowing. It evens out the dark circles and blemishes and it comes with easy application, it contains 30 pairs of eye patches, which lifts up the look as well as the external health of your eyes. 

Kocostar collagen cream helps to improve the elasticity of the skin, it has an exceptional ability to moisturize the skin and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles, nasolabial folds, deep neck wrinkles, and skin density.  It rebuilds skin texture and skin tissues and prevents wrinkles and firmness loss.  It brings back the youthful vibes and perks up the dull skin. The cream has an active formulation that reduces aging over time and gives you shiny and glowing skin 

Kocostar hand moisture pack  can be worn as easily as hand gloves and it is made which the fabric which doesn’t interrupt your daily routine and the moisturizer has a formula that leaves your hand soft and nourished. This makes you say goodbye to your rough, dry, and crinkled hands. All you need to do is wear it for 15 mins and then you are good to go. 

Are you tired of split ends, hair fall, dull, rough, and frizzy hair? Yes, then Kocostar hair therapy is the perfect solution for getting naturally shining, frizz-free, and nourished hair. It has two variants to it, you can choose according to your hair needs, it has a hassle-free solution and it will just need 15 mins from your schedule. And, apply the mixture onto your hair, leave it for 15 mins and rinse it off. Then, you are ready to flaunt your naturally shining and glowing hair.  It is still available on Cossouq.