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Buy Lafz Halal Products Online at Cossouq

Lafz is a beauty brand that makes Halal products, which means that all of its products are Halal-certified. Moreover, these Lafz or Halal products are 100% vegan and chemical-free. Simply put, this culturally conscious beauty brand offers beauty and personal care products that are compliant with Islamic beauty standards.

This is why all its products, including Lafz perfumes, Lafz body spray, Lafz skincare products, etc are all free from alcohol, paraben, harmful chemicals, and any kind of animal ingredients.

Additionally, its products are based on three aspects: Ancient Egyptian beauty secrets, exceptional ingredients, and the latest technology. Lafz believes that every follower of Islam should have the means to lead a modern life without giving up on their beliefs. 

Many of the available personal care products today either contain harmful chemicals or constituents impermissible in Islam.

This limits the choices for beauty and personal care products for Islam followers. However, Lafz has a solution to this. The brand was formed and carried out its operations to serve the greater good of the community. 

Lafz products are made for people who consciously make buying decisions when it comes to cosmetic & personal care items while adhering to Islamic principles. 

Besides, the brand takes inspiration from Al-Zahrawi, an Arab Muslim who was a masterful surgeon and chemist, a medical encyclopedia named Kitab al-Tasrif, and the Islamic civilization.

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