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Lifebuoy was launched in the year 1895 with the goal of stopping the spread of Cholera in Victorian England. The brand was on a mission to make cleanliness commonplace. As a brand, Lifebuoy has been living up to this mission through its work, campaigns, and activities.

An affordable antibacterial soap was accessible to the public at large; this is how Lifebuoy soap's journey of becoming the best-selling germ protection soap started. 

The brand has won several notable awards over the years. Some of its campaigns that won prestigious awards or got recognized are: color changing handwash, help a child reach 5-tree of life, Little Gandhi, and more. These campaigns show that the company was formed with a cause and continues to work for noble causes in the health and hygiene department.

Since its launch, Lifebuoy products have been actively contributing to providing better health and hygiene to billions of people. Through its handwashing program, the brand has reached over 1 billion people, thus making it one of the biggest behavior-change programs in the world.

Throughout its existence, Lifebuoy has strongly and efficiently worked on its vision of healthy, hygienic, and more compelling communities.

Over the years, its team has worked on various inspiring projects, campaigns, etc., to motivate consumers to improve their hygiene behavior.

After its launch, the brand had successfully achieved the top place in the consumer's minds when asked about their choice of personal hygiene product. The brand recall was so powerful that people used to buy Lifebuoy products only to maintain cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene.

With affordable prices and effective germ-fighting solutions, almost every household would buy Lifebuoy products in India as a means to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that the classic red bar of its soap has become synonymous with cleanliness throughout the twentieth century.

While the product was widely available at every efficient retail store in those times, today, it is easy to get Lifebuoy products online. The brand has been in business for a century now and continues to thrive with different product variants that appeal to diverse customers' distinct needs and tastes.

Besides the presence of Lifebuoy products in India, the brand is available in markets of over 100 countries. This includes China, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Brazil, Burma, Argentina, Vietnam, etc. 

The multinational brand has made many active Nobel contributions to various social causes. One of these includes the dispatch of Lifebuoy-branded vans to some of the badly affected areas in Britain during the second world war. These vans had hot showers, soaps, and towels for the people who lost or lacked access to primary hygiene facilities. The company is truly living up to its philosophy of 'Saving lives, saving the planet.' 

All its products are made with sustainable germ protection technology. For instance, Lifebuoy soap bars, one among its bestsellers, make personal hygiene super easy. These soaps are uniquely formulated to protect you from germs, are available in fascinating variants, and are best for everyday use for individuals and families.

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