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We cannot deny the fact that we all care about our looks. And we spend a lump sum of money to look sassy. Hence, we visit salons when we need a professional touch, while on a daily basis, we are okay with minimal makeup too. But after the day is over, the only thing everyone wants is to remove all that applied cosmetics and wants our skin to breathe. 

Generally, we all use makeup remover wipes. But that can be really harmful to the environment as you need to remove your makeup every time. You will have to use a new wipe. Isn't it really inconvenient? Well, if you think so,  Makeup Eraser is the solution for you!

Makeup remover towels are a modern-day solution that is hassle-free as well as environment friendly, as they are reusable and can be washed again and again according to your own convenience. They are sustainable and aid you in removing waterproof cosmetics like eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, foundation, compact and more with just water. Sounds impressive, right?

One towel can last up to three to five years and is equal to around 3600 makeup wipes, making it affordable and eco-friendly. They reduce the amount of wastage that is caused by tissues, napkins, and wipes. We usually carry around a whole box of wipes while going out, which takes up a lot of space in our vanity. At the same time, a little cloth takes up less room and can even fit into your pocket.

Makeup Eraser towels come in different colors and fragrances so that you feel fresh after every wipe. Makeup Eraser fresh turquoise is one of the most loved variants. It comes with a beautiful lavender smell, and the color is a pastel turquoise, which is eye soothing!

Makeup Eraser chill blue also has a separate fan base among people with its chilling icy menthol smell and a water blue color. If you are into trendy patterns, then Makeup Eraser cheetah is the one for you. It comes with a yellow and black cheetah print that looks legit and can easily replace your regular hanky.

But then, a question that may arise in everyone's mind is, why such a fuss over a makeup remover towel? Won't regular towels work the same way? Well, Makeup Eraser towels are not just made of any regular cloth. They are made of premium and patented fabric having millions of tiny hair-like fibers. They help to eliminate oil from your pores by creating suction for all the dirt and makeup.

The towel is differently textured on both sides. On one side, there are fine and minute fibers that help erase deeply embedded cosmetic particles. The other side of the towel has long fibers that can exfoliate the skin. You have to wet the towel in warm water because the warmer, the better. And make sure to wipe your face with it in circular motions. You will see the makeup will melt off effortlessly.

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