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Organic Harvest – Best Organic Beauty Products in India

Climate change is real. And to brief it up, it is caused by greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in shifting weather patterns and eventually rising sea levels. This phenomenon is called global warming. The type of waste we create and dump, which emits harmful gases and cannot be decomposed easily, has a major impact on global warming. For instance, plastic waste or synthetic beauty products with harmful chemicals emit harmful gases and toxins into the environment. Organic Harvest is one of the brands in the beauty care industry that is aiming towards creating the least pollution by using nature-based ingredients in their products and opting for recyclable packaging. The wide range of Organic Harvest products includes haircare, face care, body care as well as hygiene essentials.

Best Organic Harvest Products Recommendation

Filters are good but glowing skin is much better. Don’t you think? Yes, you do! Therefore, you are searching for products for healthy, glowing skin which are organic also. But don’t worry, Cossouq’s got your back. Check out the following products from  Organic Harvest.

Organic Harvest Scrub, rich with beetroot extracts and free from paraben, is cream-based scrub that helps in exfoliating dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads. Suitable for sensitive as well as harsh skin, this scrub will leave your skin smooth and glowing.

Organic Harvest Anti-Tan Scrub, as the name suggests, this scrub helps in removing tan and giving you even-toned skin. This cream-based scrub is a blend of liquid shea butter, olive oil, clove, and camphor essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties that help stimulate the healing process of the skin, giving you firm and glowing skin.

Organic Harvest Cleanser is available in a varied range of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Mountain ranges. This range of cleansers not only helps you get rid of sebum and pollutants off your face but also smoothes wrinkles and even skin tone to give you that overall glow.

Organic Harvest  Essential Oils are completely made with nature-based ingredients with antiseptic properties. These oils are not only fit for your skin but also work well for your hair and body.

Organic Harvest Hair Spa, a cream-based product that is 100% organic and paraben-free, enriches your hair with keratin protein that is used for moisturizing dry and damaged hair. It also provides frizz control to dry hair and reduces the effect of humidity.

Organic Harvest Hand Sanitiser, with 70% alcohol and tea tree essential oils, this gel-based sanitizer not only kills 99.9% germs but also gives you clean and fragrance hygiene on the go.

To end your search for natural and chemical-free products, check out your online one-stop solution for beauty and skincare products, Cossouq. And hey, as you look for your cosmetic essentials on  Cossouq, make sure you avail yourself of benefits from cosscoins! Check them out if you haven’t registered yet.

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