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Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer  is an extra luxurious product that has a constituency just like butter, it is smooth in texture. It is paraben and silicone-free. It has been formulated with rich nutrients derived naturally. It has a creamy and powdery structure to it; it has the properties to glide well onto the skin. It gives your face sharp edges. It has agents which give your skin a nourished and soft look and absorbs well into your skin. The bronzer delivers a radiant shiny glow with an ultra-pearly shine. 

Physicians Formula lipstick  can be found in two variations, that is liquid and roll-ons. The liquid lip matte fillers have a velvety touch to them, which gives your perfect desired lip looks in just a short span.  They are long-lasting and have great pigmentation which does wonders in achieving the look. They are available in a wide range of colors, matte lipsticks are fun to apply but often leave your lips dry and flaky, whereas this lipstick contradicts that and has nourishing agents, which improvises your lip texture and health. And, the roll-on lipsticks have a buttery texture and a creamy application to them. It has great high pigmentation and it provides a nourished cushion texture to your lips. 

Physicians Formula Concealer provides full coverage, which combats fine lines, pigmentation spots, and other skin issues. It gives you bright, bold, and flawless skin. It has pro- HD vision which radiant your look when exposed to light. It evenly conceals and tones your skin. And, it gives you perfect matte and glass-finished skin. It is available for every skin type and color.  

Physicians Formula BB cream is available in various shades. And, aims at brightening the skin, and preventing the aging process and fine lines. It gives medium coverage and does not clog your pores. It even tones the skin along with moisturizing it. It blends perfectly on your skin without leaving the white caste and does not give you the cakey and greasy base. 

Physicians formula highlighter comes in different formulas, liquid, powder, and cream. It also comes in different shades. The highlighter is highly pigmented which gives you the benefit of using the product for a long time. It gives a natural shine to highlight your features without making your face look oily. It can also be applied to your body. And, instantly makes you party-ready. 

Physicians formula mascara is a waterproof mascara that gives 2X longer looking eyelashes without any clumps left on them. It instantly increases the volume of your lashes and makes them look naturally curled up. It is enriched with active ingredients which leave your lashes soft and do not damage them as it is also organically made. It’ll surely make you fall in love with your lashes. 

Physicians formula eye makeup is made with love and care for your eyes so that you can dazzle in the event you go. It is made with natural colors and the product is vegan and cruelty-free. It comes in compressed powder form, fitted inside a pallet that contains 18 different colors including shimmery colors, and bright ones as well. 

Physicians formula palette  is a palette that contains foundation, concealer, blush (2 colors), lipstick (2 shades), and highlighter. This combo is a travel-friendly combo for all those ladies who don’t want to stack their luggage with only different makeup products. 

Physicians formula moisturizer is a 48hrs stay moisturizer that can be applied on the face as well as the body. It leaves your skin feeling nourished and soft as it restores its natural moisture. It is rich in antioxidants and smells heavenly! It comes in different formulas for different types of skin needs.