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Rudy Products Online in India

Rudy is an Italian brand designed for luxury products. These luxury products are made from natural ingredients and clean formulas.

The founder of this brand, Spiridione Calabrese, once decided to switch from mixing dyes to making cosmetics. And this is how Rudy was born.

Rudy, founded in 1920, has a simple mission, i.e., to create products with unique fragrances that make the customer feel good.

Rudy Profumi is Italian at heart and international in vocation. It believes that a beauty routine is a ritual that has the power to transport the user to a place of inner peace. It has always viewed cosmetics as art that combines appearance and essence.

Rudy focuses on combining fragrance and creativity, and this is evident in Rudy's products. Simultaneously, it also follows strong business ethics.

The company's management is proud to serve its customers with the best of the Italian perfume tradition and style.

The founder named the brand after a popular celebrity named Rodolfo Valentina, also known as 'Rudy.' Rodolfo was the icon of cinema and Italian beauty in those times and received immense love from the audience. 

Later, Antonio, son of Spiridione, launched perfume bottles. Many of these perfumes are displayed at the Museum of Fragrance in Milan and Chicago. The fourth generation of the family is handling the company, although they are also grandparents now.

The brand got mentioned in several fashion and lifestyle magazines, including Fashion life magazine, Donnamoderna, and Amica. it's Vanity fair. etc.

Rudy is an international brand that is too Italian. Products from this premium brand may not be available in beauty stores near you. If you wish to buy Rudy products in India, don't fret if they are unavailable in local stores. You can easily buy Rudy products online

Apart from other products from this brand, its shower gel range is breathtaking, mainly because of its mesmerizing flavors. If a soothing and good-smelling shower gel is your thing, try out its rose or lavender shower gels, you'll feel joyful and happy all day long!

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