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pH (power of hydrogen) is a term that all of us have come across during our primary education. Do you remember taking that litmus paper and dipping it in different solutions just to see them change color and match it on the pH scale to check the acidity or alkalinity? Very amusing it was back then. But now that we know how important the pH level is for our skin, we make sure that the skincare products we use have the correct level. But what is the correct pH level for our skin? The answer is 5.5. Yet, does every skincare product have a skin-suitable pH level?  Well, we cannot speak for other brands but we do know that Sebamed has.  Sebamed is one of the leading brands for sensitive and problematic skin in the medical skincare industry with a pH value of 5.5 in their products. But why is the appropriate pH level for skin is exactly 5.5? This is because a neutral pH value can destroy the outer protective cover of skin that prevents it from harmful environmental impact causing dehydration, irritation, and allergy. Ergo, Sebamed makes sure that their complete range of skincare products has a pH level of 5.5.

Best Sebamed Products

People hate acne on their faces as much as the roads with potholes. We might not be able to fix the potholes on the roads but we sure can prevent the ones on our faces. And The  Sebamed clear face care gel could be the right tool. It works on oily, acne-prone skin to prevent pimples and combat blackheads giving you smooth soft skin. Another Sebamed product that acts as a two-in-one cleanser and is suitable for normal to dry skin for baby, is  Sebamed's face and body wash. It acts against dryness and harmful irritants that try to damage your skin. 

As you relax while watching your favorite daily soap, don’t forget to help your skin rejuvenate with its own daily soap (literally). Sebamed’s soap and cleansing bars promote skin hydration while deeply cleansing the pores and not disturbing the chemical balance of your skin’s protective shield. And to lock in hydration, there is Sebamed's  moisturizing body lotion. It deeply nourishes the skin and prevents itchy, flaking skin.

You can skip the multi-step routine and use several products to get those soft, plump lips. Since  sebamed’s lip balm not only hydrates but also provides them protection against sunburn.

Ok, here’s a bit of an unsettling scenario. Imagine while doing that dramatic hair flip multiple times to get one perfect shot, there is this white flakey shower taking place simultaneously. We’ve all witnessed that flakey downfall at some point. Yes, you guessed it right. It is dandruff we are talking about. And the damage can worsen if not addressed.  Sebamed’s anti-dandruff shampoo with Piroctone Olamine relieves itchy scalp and reduces dandruff. And to enhance volume and achieve silky smooth hair, Sebamed's everyday shampoo would be the right choice. Its extra mild hair care formula retains scalp moisture and builds a healthy hair structure to strengthen growth. 

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