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Self Lub believes that each person is unique in their own way and that they are entitled to love themselves in that way. As the brand name signifies, Self Lub strives to inspire people to love themselves and their bodies.

The brand aims to achieve that stage of awareness where everyone loves themselves. It is a firm belief that self-care is the highest kind of self-love. The brand has a major focus on the areas that are ignored due to the stigma attached to it or because of shame. The brand's main focus is on intimate care and hygiene and the menstrual and sexual well-being of every individual. While society condemns sexual and intimate care, on the one hand, Self Lub, an intimate care company, seeks to eliminate the stigma associated with menstrual and sexual health on the other.

The following have been some of the brand's most popular products:  Self Lub Intimate Brightening Spray and Self Lub Yum Bum Cream. These products pamper and care for the parts of the body that are frequently neglected.

The motto of Self Lub is "The Love We Deserve." They aim to make people comfortable with their bodies and truly enjoy "self-love." their brand addresses the intimate and sexual well-being needs of its customers. With the soft sensitivity of nature's pure ingredients and botanicals,  Self Lub products are enabled to care for your skin honestly. All products are made from natural ingredients to stabilize the body's pH.

An interesting and very useful product from the brand is  Self Lub Underarm Razor. The underarm razor is a fine-edged, pocket-sized, easy-to-go razor with a shape engineered to kiss your arms with a blissful, soothing effect on your skin. The razor's small size makes it convenient to use while traveling.

Not just this,  Self Lub Razor for face and eyebrows is the best buddy for those who love grooming themselves. The razor helps in achieving clear skin by removing unwanted facial hair, including eyebrows, upper lips, chin, bikini line, and peach fuzz.

Self Lub also has reusable masks in its product list to combat the spread of COVID-19. A lot of Self Lub reusable masks were purchased during COVID-19 as customers loved the product's soft material, adjustable earloop, style, and great color combinations.

Self Lub brand encourages people to love themselves and to pamper themselves. Besides making products made for sexual and menstrual well-being, they contribute to society by educating adults, teens, individuals, and everybody regarding various unknown facts, clearing misconceptions, and clearing age-old myths.

Self Lub through its activities is doing its part of building an environment where no one is ashamed to discuss their sexual health and where young children are educated to express their physiological issues. Self Lub is taking steps towards creating a society where there is no stigma attached to the menstrual and sexual well-being of everyone.

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