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What if you get up from bed daily, walk a few steps to the washstand, and brush your teeth but suffer from the same problem of tooth pain and yellowish teeth? 

You will switch to another toothpaste, correct?

So here is the toothpaste from Sensodyne, a brand working tirelessly since 1961 to provide you with a million-dollar smile by erasing tooth sensitivity pain. It even defends the antagonist named; Cavity. 

Being committed to protecting your teeth from "sensitivity pain" has labeled Sensodyne as the number one brand recommended by dentists.

Do you know "How does Sensodyne protect your teeth from sensitivity?" It uses Stannous Fluoride and Potassium Nitrate as a desensitizing ingredients. It soothes the nerves and prevents teeth from sending pain signals. So next time when you have your hot or cold coffee, feel relaxed about sensitivity triggers.  

Brushing your teeth with Sensodyne products twice a day will yield you some benefits of teeth whitening, breath freshening, and fast relief from tooth pain. Sensodyne provides an exciting range of toothpaste using different formulas to protect your teeth from any pain.

This deep, clean, sensitive toothpaste cleans the deepest part of your teeth and provides you with strong teeth and healthy gums. It comes with the benefit of advanced cleaning and long-lasting freshness. 

To overcome sensitivity issues, try Sensodyne Sensitive toothbrush fresh gel. It provides your teeth with gentle care from sensation and keeps your mouth fresh and clean. Even a mint flavor adds a new freshness to your regular morning. 

Sensodyne products online in India contain not only kinds of toothpaste but even provide toothbrushes that come with extra soft and micro-fine tapered filament bristles. The deep clean toothbrush has 38 percent better reach than a regular toothbrush.

"Smile is a curve that wins the heart of people," and here's the Cossouq-An online platform, presenting Sensodyne products varying from various ranges to make your smile healthier and brighter. Discover the Sensodyne products online at Cossouq