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SOVA is an Ayurveda-inspired natural wellness and beauty brand. All  SOVA products are designed to create a unique, tantalizing experience for the five Gyan Indriyas (five senses) mentioned in Ayurveda. The five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

What makes SOVA different from others? SOVA products carry equal parts of nature and science. Sova guarantees that its offerings will bring goodness, nourishment, and undeniable beauty into the lives of its customers. Ayurveda is the primary inspiration behind SOVA.

SOVA bottles carry with them mysteries of ancient India and modern research. Any product of SOVA that you use will make you look and feel attractive and confident. In a nutshell, SOVA is an experience waiting to be felt and lived in every bottle.

SOVA product categories include bath & body, hair care products, and hair combos.  SOVA hair products include some very interesting and nourishing products such as Yava and Rosemary intense repair hair mask for all skin types, Draksh and bitter orange flower luxury hair oil, Bhringraj and Kerala cinnamon shampoo for natural hair, and Wild Mogra and Olive oil conditioner for regular hair.

Besides, the brand also has a specially formulated hair care combo for treated hair. Moreover,  SOVA hair serum  made with ingredients including Kashmiri Walnut and Violet Flower infuses life into frizzy hair to give it a smooth and shiny finish. Also, the sweet floral fragrance of this lightweight hair serum will leave you stunned.

SOVA doesn't compromise on giving you the BEST. Whether it's meticulously screening through and selecting only the greatest natural components, investing in time-consuming and expensive formulations, or maintaining lab safety requirements, standards will never be compromised. SOVA believes in taking absolutely no chances when it comes to skin and hair.

SOVA truly lives up to the purpose it was created for. For example, SOVA hair oil  available as Brahmi and Hibiscus hair massage oil contains the goodness of sixteen time-tested cold compressed oils of roots, seeds, and stems. The oil has the efficacy of calming your nerves and strengthening the roots of your hair.

SOVA is the brainchild of two purpose-driven and dedicated women.

It was founded on the experience, knowledge, passion for the cause, and a common vision of a trio: two women who identified the market gap for products with a perfect mix of natural ingredients and safe science. And the third is Mr. H.I. Gandhi, who has fifty years of healthcare, pharmaceutical, and Ayurveda experience. Thus, the range of  SOVA products is backed by the rich scientific knowledge acquired through decades of experience by H.I. Gandhi.

Owing to SOVA's love for mother earth, all its products are made from ingredients that are 100% natural and biodegradable. Also, it is a 100% vegan brand that does not test on animals. The brand's product portfolio comprises 100 ml bottles that are 'pump-free,' contributing to plastic reduction.

SOVA explores and invites all its customers to awaken and tap into the treasures of Ayurveda and live a happy, healthy, and carefree life as our forefathers did.

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