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We use different types of cosmetic products in our day-to-day lives. Our day begins with toiletries like face washes and sunscreens while it ends with night creams and serums, and let us surely not forget the various types of makeup products that we use daily or on multiple occasions. It is really important to take proper care of the products as they are generally costly.

Since cosmetics are mainly made up of petrochemicals, they are temperature sensitive, and a cold and dry environment is best suited for their care. But a temperature too dry may damage the product quality too. Many people tend to use domestic refrigerators to stash their products. However, refrigerators apparently are too cold to put in cosmetics as they may result in drying out the moisture structure of the ingredients.

To take care of your vanity so that you don’t sweat about it, Stylideas  has come up with beauty fridges. They are compact and can work as a warmer and cooler, depending on the temperature necessity of your products.

The Stylideas stylpro beauty fridge  is ideal for pampering your cosmetics as you do to yourself. It keeps all of your cosmetics cold, fresh, and ready to use on a daily basis. Keeping your vanity products in the fridge helps to increase their shelf life. Moreover, using chilled cosmetics helps to depuff skin resulting in tightening skin pores, and it maximizes product effectiveness as well.

Stylideas  has always been known for its beauty accessories, and the brand never ceases to amaze its users. More than taking care of cosmetics, Stylideas beauty fridge  is a style statement on its own with a rose gold detail and has a posh feeling oozing out from it. 

Products like toners, sprays, sheet masks, sun creams, nail paints, lip and eye pencils, foundation, and mascara can all be stored, extending their shelf life. Also, chilled makeup products have a lower risk of bacterial growth, keeping them at optimal freshness.

The fridge has a power consumption of around 48 watts and a capacity of 4 liters. It includes noise reduction built-in to keep your product ingredients stable. It is simple to operate, with only one hot and cold switch that can be changed around to suit your needs.

Products like hand warmers can be kept inside it when the heat feature is on. It takes the fridge around two to three hours to reach its maximum cooling temperature, and always make sure to keep pre-chilled products in the fridge.

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