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too cool for school is a creative cosmetics line that focuses on modern culture and creative experimentation. The brand believes in quality and uniqueness. The brand was first established in New York City. Due to its creative experimentation, quality and uniqueness, it is one of the well-known brands in South Korea.

Real egg white and egg yolk extracts are used too cool for school's egg collection to provide a variety of egg benefits. The important thing here is you get the nutritional benefits of eggs the same way you get them from your DIY at-home facial and hair care treatment but minus the mess.

A product from this egg collection, the  too cool for school egg-zyme whipped foam  is a mild exfoliating cleanser made with egg granules and organically derived enzymes. These ingredients help to create a rich, creamy cleanser, and the foam and enzyme powder perfectly remove the dead skin and dirt.

The brand line includes skincare, haircare, and makeup. Its cosmetic collection consists of eye makeup, lip color, face makeup, and makeup tools.

too cool for school lip tint is the new favourite of makeup lovers because of its soft textures. TAG Velvet Fit Tint will glide on your lips and give your chapped lips a smooth finish.

Some of the most popular  too cool for school's best products are:

  • Art class by Rodin Makeup set
  • Coconut pure soothing gel
  • Egg mousse skincare trio
  • Egg remedy trio set
  • Glam rock misty rose
  • Egg mellow cream
  • Egg mellow body butter

too cool for school Pumpkin mask, better known as Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask, is a rich bio-cellulose sheet mask soaked in pumpkin extracts and 24K gold for glowing, smoothed, and nourished skin.

Some of the most popular  too cool for school face creams are: 

  • Avocado enriched cream.
  • Egg mellow cream
  • Caviar lime hydra moist cream 
  • Blue-green algae intensive gel cream.

Many experts prefer using  too cool for school powder for makeup. Artclass by Rodin Shading and Art class by Rodin Finish Setting Pact are known for their excellent results. TCFS Art Class was inspired by vintage art supplies and a historic Parisian art store and was established for TCFS's devoted followers with free spirits.

If you are a makeup lover, the  too cool for school makeup set named Artclass By Rodin Makeup Set is like a jackpot for you! A perfect makeup set with perfect makeup and perfect brushes to apply them.

Moreover, the  too cool for school egg collagen melting ampoule has received numerous positive reviews. The product is a high-end melting ampoule and patch set that lifts and firms the skin, thanks to the hyaluronic patch.

With the style, class, grace, and quality of products, too cool for school makeup products are setting new standards in the beauty industry and advocating artistic expression in beauty culture.

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