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Tvaksh by Abbott India Ltd is a skincare line that creates different high-quality science-based products for all skin types. All products of Tvaksh are enriched with the power of science and gentle ingredients. 

Skin-safe components play a vital role in effective results. Thus, Tvaksh maintains the legacy of Science+Safety. The brand offers a vast range of skincare to keep the need for crucial skin concerns in mind.

Abbott India Ltd has been dedicated to mankind's help for a long time. It aims to assure healthier lives through a divergent range of Science-based Products.

The brand is not off the track, as it's the skincare segment that combines the Science+Safe Factor. All of their products are skin safe and suitable for all skin type concerns.

They offer consumers a wide line of skin-related products, like; Tvaksh face care, Tvaksh face wash, Tvaksh sunscreen, Tvaksh body wash, and Tvaksh acne wash. They are gentle yet resilient to your skin, from their face washes to body washes.

The products help prevent acne while making the skin softer, healthy, and glowing. All ingredients used are beneficial for the skin, even having medication effects. No age bar, no gender labels- Tvaksh is for All Skin Types!

Each product from each segment is crafted with care+science. So that it can treat the core concern and be gentle on the skin.

Tvaksh combines active ingredients such as Glycyrrhiza glabra extract, turmeric oil, neem oil, and niacinamide with advanced medical science. These ingredients are known to cure acne, pigmentations, eczema, etc. The combination is then wrapped and given to us by Tvaksh.

So, Gift your skin a new skin friend- Tvaksh. All products are available at a fair price on