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While aiming for that perfect makeup look, none of us wants the smudgy wearing off of products, and to avoid that, we need to add extra products to complete the look. While it might seem a bit painful to add multiple products to the makeup regime, it is essential, on the other hand, to make sure your cosmetic products stay without running off. So when you want to enhance your cheek and T-zone features, you know how essential the eye primer’s role is as it smoothens the area and makes it appear pore-less. Just like your face primer, eye primer plays the same role.

It provides a smooth surface to glam up your eyes while holding that perfect smokey or festive gold eyes. It basically acts as an adhesive for your eye shadow pigments by not letting them shimmer, crease, or move away. Since face primer and eye primer have the same utility, why purchase both? Well, just hear us out. Though the basic utility of both remains the same, there is a slight difference in the formulation of both products. Face primers are mostly made of silicon and water, whereas eye primers are made of silicon mostly. This is because your face needs enough hydration to stay plump, and on the other hand, your eyelids need a solid base to hold the eyeshadow pigments. Therefore, it is essential to purchasing both primers separately. 

To dig a little deeper, the following are the benefits of using an eye primer.

1. Makes application smooth for eyeshadow

Your eyelids are your canvas. You can literally paint a picture, but it is necessary that the surface is smooth. It is possible that because of early aging or other factors, your eyelids are uneven in texture. This would not allow for blending the eyeshadow properly. Hence, to smoothen the surface, put on a layer of eye primer and then put on the eyeshadow.

2. Makes your eyeshadow last longer

Without any base or primer, to be precise, your cosmetic product is certain to run out of place. Also, with passing time, excess oil might make your eyelids look greasy, and the pigments start fading away. Hence, an eye primer will prevent this. So don’t miss out on applying eyeshadow primer before dusting that eyeshadow. 

3. Let your eyeliner stay in place

Eye primers are not just limited to benefiting your eyeshadow. If you are into creating dramatic eyes with just a flick of eyeliner, this primer is your best friend. While smoothening the eyelid surface will help you save the liner perfectly and also holds it in place without smudging or fading away.

4. Prevents creasing

Your eyeshadow might get cracked up and start showing creases as the day passes, which is very annoying. Therefore, it is better to layer up with an eye primer to avoid such cases.

How to apply eyeshadow primer

1. Cleanse

Cleanse your eyelids with micellar water or a makeup remover wipe to get rid of excess oil on the lids.

2. Prime it up

Take a tiny scoop of primer, just enough to cover your eyelids. Use your finger or blender sponge to spread it across properly. Urban decay, Lakme, Maybelline, and NYX eye primer are some of the most loved brands of the eyeshadow base.

3. Paint a picture

Color their eyelids with the desired look. Whether it is a classic smokey eye or a festive golden lid, go crazy with your imagination.

4. Line it up

Give your eyes a finishing touch with eyeliner. And, Voila! Go ahead with your day without worrying about your eye makeup getting faded.

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