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To be able to construct your desired makeup look is an art. And to be able to make that look last the whole day!

Well, yes! That credit goes to science. After all, the constant R&D has led to the inception of this divine product for makeup lovers, namely  makeup fixer spray or setting spray.  This miracle product ensures your makeup does not meltdown at the end of the day. But don’t worry. We are here to enlighten you more on its functionality and importance. 

How would you feel when you witness hours of effort simply melting down on your shirt or smudging all over your face before the actual event? It is quite disheartening, we know. Thus, all you need is the mighty savior  makeup setting spray  that stops your foundation, blush, and eyeshadow from melting away.

The primary use of  makeup fixer spray  is to lock your makeup in a place so that you can enjoy that late-night dinner or after-party without worrying about your makeup getting smeared. A good spritz of  setting spray  as a top coat on your makeup does the same job as a hair spray by keeping your makeup crisp and far from frequent touch-ups. 

Now that you are aware of what a  makeup setting spray  is, let us further discuss its benefits.

  • Prepares your skin to hold makeup

Earlier, we discussed using  makeup fixer spray as a finishing product once you are ready to lock in your makeup look. But, you can also use this spray beforehand as a primer in order to prepare your skin. 

  • Gives a dewy look

Who wouldn’t want their makeup to look flawless and fresh all day? We bet everyone desires that. Just a few splatters on your face will give you a naturally fresh look all day long. After all, you don’t want all those efforts to go in vain with your makeup looking dull, right?

  • Keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized

Setting spray  is miraculous not because it only locks your makeup but also keeps your skin hydrated all day long. It is also very effective for acne-prone skin as well as  for dry skin.

Several layers of products might clog your pores and make your skin dry eventually. Setting spray deeply moisturizes your skin by providing enough hydration. Hence, make sure this product is not left out of your makeup regime.

  • Mattifies the overall look

Listen up, peeps with oily skin. There’s something for you as well in this divine product. We understand the issue of sloppy-looking makeup for people with oily skin. Makeup fixer spray  will give a nice matte finish to your makeup. Therefore, we suggest not skipping this savior product at all, especially if you have oily skin.

We hope that the above-mentioned benefits are enough for you to add  setting spray  to your makeup kit if you haven’t already. The best part about  setting spray  is that it is available  for  normal as well as  combination skin.  You can explore the range of  makeup setting sprays from various brands, including  Maybelline  and  Lakme  on  Cossouq.