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Are you tired of carrying moisturizer and foundation wherever you go? Worry not! We have hired a multi-tasker for your skin. Use Tinted moisturizer instead. As the name suggests, it evens out your skin tone and moisturizes it. 

It is slightly lighter in weight as compared to a foundation. They are made of ingredients such as Humectants, Anti-oxidants, Titanium dioxide, and Iron oxides to provide you with a nourished and polished look. 

During hot and humid days, thick makeup can clog the pores and feels heavy. 

If you are one among the folk who do not love to wear heavy makeup but want a natural glow, Tinted moisturizer is the best choice. Unlike foundations, they are available in a limited number of tints. So pick wisely that goes with your skin type. 

If you are going for a casual dinner or on a trip with your friend, Tinted moisturizer products work the best. It covers your skin well and makes it gleam. Dabbling your skin with a few drops hydrates and quench its thirst. They even contain SPF, thus protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. 

If you have oily skin, look for something non-greasy tinted moisturizer. For people with dry skin, try a hydrating tinted moisturizer that contains Hyaluronic acid to lock in the moisture.

For mature skin of yours give a try anti-aging Tinted moisturizers. Do not forget to apply a regular moisturizer, as it provides your skin with hydration. If you wish to get flawless skin, dampen it with a tint that suits your skin type. 

It’s time to buy best Tinted moisturizer online. Cossouq - an e-commerce marketplace for beauty and wellness products- has an impressive collection. Take out the few drops, pour them on your skin, and get the shine you need!