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Some are bushy, some are thin, some are curly, some are straight, some are long, and some are short. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the types of beards. This is an established fact that no beard type is the same. People have different kinds of beard and each one of them require different care and nourishment. But one thing that stays common for all beard types is the need for a soft, and fuller beard. For that, your perfect grooming partner is beard butterBeard butter consists of cocoa butter, shea butter, and other oils. It is neither in solid nor liquid form which makes them lightweight and easy to apply. Not only that but each component has several benefits to look up to.

  • Cocoa butter is rich in antioxidants that help your skin rejuvenate from the damage. Provides deep conditioning which keeps the itchdandruff,  and dirt away from the pores giving you soft and healthy facial hair.
  • Shea butter with anti-inflammatory properties reduces hair breakage and boosts hair growth ultimately giving your beard appropriate volume. Not only this but it also prevents split ends and repairs damaged hair
  • Essential oils, when mixed with butter give a pleasant smell. Apart from that, the oil present in the beard butter helps you maintain tangle-free hair. So, do knot worry about getting that flawless shape while styling your beard?

How to use beard butter?

  • Wash your beard thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • Pat dry your beard with a towel and comb it to put them in a place
  • Apply the butter on sidelocks as well as across the area covered with facial hair. Make sure that butter reaches the skin beneath. 
  • Once again comb it down to evenly spread the beard butter across your facial hair, if any part is missed.

How often should you use this magic product?

Everyday. Yes, you heard it right. The tiny tin of beard grooming product needs to be included in your daily grooming routine.  Why? Because the skin needs nourishment every day and so does your beard. It helps your skin lock in moisture,  keeping it moisturized throughout the day and it also keeps the hair healthy and perfect in shape without leaving you greasy. And on top of that, the oils keep that fresh and soothing smell lingering all throughout the day. And for all who consider their beard, as their pride, it is non-negotiable for them to leave any loose ends when it comes to grooming.

Hence, in conclusion, beard butter is one incredible product. There are numerous advantages of using beard butter which we saw. So, now it is time to experience them on your own by adding this game-changer product to your beard grooming regime. Buy yours online from a one-stop shop for skincare and beauty products, cossouq.

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