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The importance of taming and nourishing whiskers is known by those who actually possess them. No, but seriously, ask any bearded person about their beard care routine. It includes just as many steps as you would require for your hair care. And that is the reason why the industry of beard care products is flourishing.

Yes, we have used “products”, plural, not “product” because there are n number of variants. Be it the beard oil, shampoo, conditioner, beard gel wax, cream, or the essential product, beard fixer gel, the beard care routine is incomplete for beard owners. This is because the beard is not just the “facial hair” anymore, it is a part of one’s personality, and it stands out only if well-groomed.

So, what is this essential product for beard grooming, and what does it do? The quintessential product here we are talking about is beard styling gel and beard setting gel. And the main function of it is to keep your beard in place by giving them a stronghold to project a neat, finished look, which you might have figured from the name itself. However, it is not the only purpose of beard gel.

There are several types of beards pertaining to several types of skin. On the one hand, there are people with dry skin conditions prone to beard dandruff. Whereas on the other hand, there are people with hyperactive oil glands prone to acne breakouts.

Best Beard gel Wax in India

Beard gel not only soothes scruffy facial hair but also moisturizes it while providing deep nourishment to prevent other skin conditions like dryness or acne breakout. It also protects your skin from sun damage and pollution.

Therefore, including beard gel in your facial hair care routine can do wonders if only done properly.

Step 1: Give your beard a good wash using beard shampoo or face cleanser. 

Step 2: Dab it dry using a towel. 

Step 3: Remove tangles from your beard by combing them thoroughly. Make sure no hair is intertwined. 

Step 4: Take a sufficient amount of beard gel in your palm, depending on the length and volume of your beard.

Step 5: Spread it on the tips of your finger and comb the beard with your fingertips to ensure that the gel is spread evenly across your facial hair and no area is left untouched.

Step 6: Once you are done spreading the gel, stroke your beard in a downward motion to give it a proper shape. Go ahead and style your beard just like you want!

Once you have transformed your wild scruffy beard into a sophisticated, tamed beard, your job is not done. In fact, when it comes to beard taming, a little box with scissors/trimmers, beard gel, and other beard care products goes a long way.

There are different variants of beard gel available for boosting hair growth, adding colour to your stubble, providing moisture and nourishment, or just simply taming them to get a finished look.

From beard whitening gel and beard growth gel to beard color gel, Cossouq has the best range of beard gels for you to browse! And as you are on the searching spree for the desired  beard gel, explore through other categories, including eyes, body, face, hand & feet, hair, fragrance, health & wellness, and gift packs.