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Face Wipes: Buy Facial Wipes Online in India at the Best Price

Give nourishment to your skin from time to time with wet wipes. Wet wipes remove all the dirt, grime, and dust particles on your face. It will remove your makeup even when it is smudge-proof and waterproof. The use of aloe vera wipes helps to keep refreshing and nourish your skin. Face cleaning wipes are very convenient. Use Face wipes to wash your face during break time to get refreshment.

Face wipes provide cleanliness and freshness to your face after every single wipe. Without water and cleanser, face wipes remove the oil, makeup, and dirt from your skin. They are usually soaked with some essential oil and ingredients that go well with your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, use Face wipes to complete your daily care routine. Face wipes are travel-friendly and can easily be carried in a bag and help to nourish your skin from time to time. Face wipes for women are specially made to remove smudges and waterproof makeup. 

Use Deep cleansing wipes to remove the acne and to nourish your skin from time to time. It removes all the dirt, grime, and dust particles from the skin and prevents acne and pimples.

Some of the benefits of face wipes come with hydro allergic properties, Paraben, and are cruelty-free, are Ideal for sensitive skin, help to nourish the skin from time to time, and Remove makeup with mild exfoliation. 

Cleansing wipes give cleansing effects in single wipes. It removes all the dirt, grime, and dust particles in the skin in single wipes.

The cleansing wipes come with medication purposes that prevent acne and pimples. Face Cleansing Wipes comes with exfoliating particles that provide nourishment to your skin in every single wipe.

Wipes come with non-sticky lotions that give moisture to your skin. Clean and clear makeup wipes come with vitamin C oils and some essential oil that will remove the makeup and give brightening effects. Makeup wipes are made to remove eye makeup and prevent fine lines and darkness under the eye. Apart from cleansing and moisturizing, some face wipes come with UV protection ingredients so that holding them on your face helps you prevent the tanning process. 

Face wipes come with methanol extractives, cooling effects on the skin. They also come with essential oils, which give instant aroma and refreshment to you.

Facial Wipes in India

COSSOUQ  also provides a washable face pad that is reusable and biodegradable. It can be reusable like a handkerchief many times. Washable cleaning pads have one soft side and one coarse side. The smooth side of the cleansing pad is to remove light make. The coarse side of the cleansing pad is to remove thick makeup. They are affordable at a cheap rate and long-lasting.

Washable face pads are available for all skin types and are made up of different materials such as Eucalyptus pads, bamboo pads, and hemp. If you have a kind of oily skin tone, use oil pads to remove the oil without disturbing the makeup. 

A face scrubber pad is used to increase the absorption of the skin, and it also increases blood circulation. It comes in a compact size, and it is easy to handle.

Makeup remover circle pads are more absorbent than cotton pads. It is specially made to remove eye makeup. They are non-toxic and eco-friendly, and biodegradable. It comes with a zip pouch package.

Features of washable face pads are Reusable and eco-friendly and come with premium cotton. They are provided with zip pockets, so they are untouched by hand. It comes in a compact size, and it is easy to handle.


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