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Buy Face Makeup Remover Products Online in India

Have you ever woken up with  smudged makeup from last night? If you have, then you know the annihilated look. Scary, right? But it is more difficult for your skin to go through this. When you go to bed, your skin starts rejuvenating and repairing  the damage done throughout the day. While you leave your makeup on, you are blocking the ventilation of your skin. Makeup, along with dirt, dust, and other impurities, clogs the pores. This results in acne and blackhead breakouts alongside other skin imperfections and bacterial infections. If your skin cannot breathe right, aging signs would start to appear soon. And therefore, Cossouq has made your rescuer available online. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about makeup remover.

Best Face Makeup Remover For Oily Skin & Dry Skin available at Cossouq

As the name suggests, this skincare product  is used to remove makeup. I am sure you might have certain questions like isn’t water enough to wash makeup off? What is a makeup remover made of? What different forms are available? etc. Henceforward, we will try to clear basic doubts though.

Isn’t water enough to wash makeup?

Not really. Just washing your makeup with water or soap is not enough because makeup products contain several synthetic particles which can not be completely washed off with water. The residue will only encourage acne growth and other skin problems. Hence, it is recommended to use makeup remover.

What is a makeup remover made of?

To begin with, traditional makeup removers are made of solvents that help dissolve makeup products like foundation, contour, eye makeup, or lipstick, in order to separate them from the outer layer of skin. These are either oil-based or water-based.  Oil-based makeup removers are made of certain natural or synthetic mineral oils. This type is effective on oil-based makeup products as it breaks down the makeup and sebum off your skin, lifting the impurities. On the other hand,  water-based makeup removers are not made of water but are made of surfactants. Surfactants are agents that enhance wetting properties when in contact with solid particles. So basically it is used to remove pollutants from your skin. Since it is only effective on particles that are soluble in water, they don’t help in clearing off waterproof makeup.

What different forms are available?

There are numerous forms in which makeup removers are available in the market but we will talk about the most convenient ones.

  • Micellar water

For super sensitive skin, one of the lightest and most traditional forms of makeup remover. Just lather it across your face and wipe off the dirt, dust, and makeup products with the cotton pads. Get Hydrated And Fresh skin in just two steps.

  • Milk-based cleansers

As the name suggests, these cleansers or makeup removers leave your face with silky smooth skin because of the milk contents. If suitable products are not used for cleansing, they could leave an abrasive effect on your skin, damaging it further. Hence, for dry skin, it is better to go for milk-based cleansers that deeply moisturize your skin.

  • Makeup remover wipes

If you don’t want to take the pain of even following a two-step regime, just invest in wet wipes. You are often known as face wipes or makeup remover wipes, one fit for all skin types until mentioned otherwise. It is the quickest and easiest way of removing makeup

Pick any form of makeup remover, they ultimately help Prevent your skin from further damage. So you can go wild and explore whichever form suits you the best.

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