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Best Foot cream in India

Our foot carries our complete body weight for the whole day long without complaining. Even though our feet are the most hardworking part of the whole body, they are the ones who are commonly neglected. While we have our vanity cases filled with lotions and creams for our faces and skin to keep them glowing, we rarely care about our feet, until they are damaged and scream for attention.

The best and simplest way to care for your feet is by investing in foot creams. A good foot cream moisturizes the skin and treats various skin issues. The best foot creams for women are those which heal the skin faster and bring elasticity and softness giving the heels a plushy appearance. Adding a foot cream to our daily routine protects the feet from environmental assailants, preventing them from getting rough and dry, and restoring soft silky, and smooth feet.

There are varied types of foot cream focusing on different issues such as cracks, cuts, and calluses. Foot Cream for hard skin focuses on the hydration of your skin. It locks moisture in the layers of skin forming a protective layer over the feet, hence preventing them from getting dry and cracked. It helps restore the lost moisture making your feet soft, less dry, and chapped.

There is foot cream for calluses that are specially formulated to improve skin texture and contain gentle and effective acids which wear off dead cells accumulated on the base of the feet and help produce new skin cells. Best foot creams for cracked heels in India include plum, Himalaya, etc having special herbal ingredients.

Our feet often get irritated and itchy and can invite bad odors always trapped in footwear. Natural ingredients present in foot creams help keep our feet fresh during the whole day and prevent bad smells.

Even though not appreciated, foot creams are equally important when compared to face creams. Beauty experts strongly believe that the best outfits and flawless skin fails if you have unkempt and chapped feet. Foot creams help you relax by calming the nerves after a busy and tiring day. Massaging the foot with a healing cream boosts blood circulation, stimulates good sleep, and effectively reduces stress.

Many natural foot creams have certain ingredients like peppermint which is a natural coolant, aloe vera, and neem which have Vitamin E, antibacterial, and skin-brightening properties that provide nourishment without a greasy or oily feeling.

Hence, a single-foot cream, if properly chosen, is sufficient to completely take care of your feet by nourishing them, protecting them, helping them relax (reduces stress), making them feel light and pretty, and also keeping odor away.

Foot creams are equally important for both men and women. Men, especially need their feet taken care of due to comparatively more body weight and movement and much harder skin. They usually forget to take care of their skin leading to damaged and painful heels.

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