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Skin is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and an important one too. It protects the whole body from the outside environment and its adversities. Since important, it should be necessarily taken care of. Not bathing daily and living in unhygienic conditions can harm the skin causing rashes, allergies, and various skin diseases. The skin of different body parts needs different types of attention. Your face is comparatively more sensitive and prone to being affected by the atmosphere while your legs may not need special attention and only a patch of lotion a day might do the work.

Body parts like hands and feet do most of the external work in our day-to-day lives. While our feet do all the walking and carry our body weight all day long, our hands come in touch with all kinds of germs and need continuous disinfection for hygienic living. Due to excess washing and so much workload, our hands and feet also need special care to maintain their moisture and avoid any dryness or rashes. Mask for hands and feet are curated for this sole purpose only.

We all are most familiar with face masks but hand masks are a little uncommon. Hand and foot masks also work the same way as face masks. They provide nourishment and moisturization to your hard-working hands. The skin of our hands experiences dryness a lot due to constant washing and rubbing. Sometimes harsh pH of various soaps and detergents also affects our hands.

Those products which provide hydration and soften your skin and also make your skin glow are the best hand mask sheets. Just like hand masks, foot masks are also available in the market. They are also not popular but are considered to be much more effective than foot creams. Including them, in your skincare routine once a week or every 15 days for only 20 minutes can provide you with results that will make you really happy.

While foot creams should be used daily, using foot masks once in a while will give you satisfactory results. Foot masks are also specialized for different purposes. Some are specialized with ingredients to exfoliate dead skin calluses revealing soft baby-like skin. Some help brighten your feet while others are experts in cracked heels.

Some particular products like  Luxaderma Foot Mask are formulated with pentamidine which is a 100% natural complex carbohydrate, instantly boosting hydration and strengthening the skin barrier.

Almost everyone, may it be young adults or older people suffer from cracked heels. It can be due to the temperature of the surrounding environment, or maybe due to a beach day, or maybe due to excessive working all day long.

Foot masks for cracked heels are formulated with botanicals like shea butter, safflower seed oil, witch hazel, and allantoin which give an extra rich blend and help peel off the callused skin which forms ridges making our ugly and rough skin smooth and soft.

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