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All menstruators go through several symptoms, such as nausea, dizziness, and headache. And out of all, cramps are the most common and painful symptom. Period cramps are throbbing pain in your pelvis, that is, your lower stomach area and your back. This pain is caused because of the hormonal release of prostaglandins. What are prostaglandins, you ask? This hormone is released when the uterus muscles contract to shed the inner lining while you are on your period. But sometimes, these cramps get too extreme to handle and interrupt your daily routine. Since the period is a monthly process, the pain would be recurring. So, it is essential to find a pain relief alternative rather than suffering every month. With constantly evolving technology imbibed with science, we have  several period pain relief products available in the market

  • Cramp relief roll-on 

Just like your regular roll-ons, this cramp relief roll-on has medicinal oils in it to soothe cramps. It is stain-free and gets easily absorbed into your skin. Also, these roll-ons are odorless, so you do not need to worry about the strong smell.  Sanfe feminine cramp relief roll-on is one of them. The roll-on applicator makes the application process easy and mess-free. Simply glide the roll-on over your abdomen or the affected area, and in just a few minutes, the pain will be relieved. These are compact and easy to carry, so whether you are traveling or working, keep the tiny pain reliever handy. 

  • Menstrual cramp relief patch

A cramp relief patch or pain relief patch is a medicinal sticky patch that relieves pain for up to almost 12 hours. They are thin and small yet wide enough to cover the affected area. Easy to carry, these portable patches are will provide you with instant pain relief without causing inflammation or any side effect.

  • Menstrual Cramp relief oils

Another gentle relief option is herbal oils. These organic oils are backed by ayurvedic benefits and potentness to ease pain without causing skin irritation or any sort of inflammation. It works on your tensed muscles and veins by relaxing them that eventually making you feel better. They come with a dropper so it is easy to apply. Just put on 2 to 3 drops on your lower abdomen, thighs, or back and rub it gently. It gets easily absorbed by your skin without staining.

  • Menstrual Cramp relief device

With the evolution of technology, menstruators can now bid farewell to traditional pain-relieving methods of carrying hot water bags around. It is a wearable device that controls nerves by stimulating them. It prevents nerves from sending signals to brain cells. This way it can provide relief to normal as well as extreme menstrual pain. The effect starts within a few seconds of turning it on. You can wear this device on your waist as it comes with a belt and is portable in size. And the rechargeable batteries of the device can be charged by simply plugging in the USB. It is a one-time investment that you can use over and over again.

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