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The secret consignment we used to deliver in school, hiding in the books. The one that we secretly pass under the desk to our female colleagues. Yes, that only, the one that we used to get in black polythene bags from the pharmacy, sanitary napkins! If you remember, back in the day these were the struggles you had to go through to get a sanitary napkin. That absorbent pad to soak up menstrual blood was and in some parts still is treated as a taboo. But whatever it is, the invention of this product is a boon for womenkind. It helps you have a mess-free and clean monthly cycle. Though the menstruation process is the same for every female body, each cycle has different outcomes. Some experience normal to moderate blood flow whereas others experience heavy blood flow. There are sanitary napkins available in accordance to manage your period's blood flow.

Usually, a sanitary napkin is a one-time-use product, but it also depends on the type you pick. There are multiple types of sanitary napkins available in the market. Each variant has varied features. For instance

Single-use pads

These are ordinary pads with one-time use characteristics. Though the look and feel of sanitary napkins have drastically transformed over the years. From bulky cotton-based pads to now ultra-thin super absorbent gel pads, sanitary napkins have been through a long journey. A few of the favorite brands of disposable pads are whisper pads,  soft anti-bacterial sanitary pads, and nine pads. These brands have gel-based, fragrant, and cottony soft variants available. 

Organic/biodegradable Pads

Single-use pads though cheap has a damaging effect on the environment. The decomposition of these pads may take a number of years and hence there is an alternative of organic/biodegradable pads. These pads are made of materials like organic cotton, and bamboo fiber to absorb the flow. Biodegradable pads are plastic and harmful toxin-free which makes them easy to decompose in nature. 

Maternity pads

As the name suggests, this type is used after childbirth. This is because post-partum bleeding is different or to be precise the flow is heavier. Hence, maternity pads soak up more amount of discharge and blood, keeping the mother comfortable for a longer time.

Disposal of sanitary pads - Do’s and Dont’s 

Since bleeding every month is common in women, it is very much essential to understand and practice proper disposal of sanitary napkins. Here are some’s and don’ts to follow while disposing of pads


  • Do not flush it down the toilet because doing so might clog the drainage system 
  • Do not throw it without any cover
  • Do not throw it without folding


  • Wrap it in the paper properly
  • Dump it in a dustbin and make sure to close the lid to avoid foul smell caused by germs
  • If you are at a public washroom, dump it in the capsule-like bin if available. If not, carry along a polythene or paper bag in which you can put it if you don’t find a suitable dustbin.

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