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When we were toddlers, we were taught to brush our teeth at least once a day without fail to maintain oral hygiene. For a lot of us, this was the only oral care routine we used to follow. However, as we grew, we started using tongue cleaner too. And with time, we realized the importance and need of using a tongue cleaner.

The constant flow of saliva in our mouth keeps the number of bacteria in the mouth balanced. However, while we sleep, the production of saliva reduces or stops. And bacteria thrive in such conditions. This is why we must use a tongue cleaner in the morning to clean our tongues. By using a tongue cleaner, you can avoid bacterial growth. Whereas not cleaning your tongue can result in plaque build-up, which is neither hygienic nor healthy.

In addition to the traditional tongue cleaner that we Indians have been using for ages, various other tongue-cleaning products are now available in the market. Some are tongue scraper cleaner, tongue cleaner brush, and scraper & massager.

A tongue scraper is an instrument that is used to get rid of unnecessary substances from the tongue. This means you can remove extra debris from the surface of your tongue by using a tongue scraper. Also, a tongue scraper will help you to remove dead cells and bacteria from your tongue. This is the reason it is an excellent instrument to keep a check on the bad breath as well as prevent other oral problems such as tooth decay and gum infections.

Also, shopping for a tongue cleaner online is easy, so you don’t have to worry about availability or your preferred tongue cleaner or anything.

We saw what tongue cleaner products do and how they work, but. Why is tongue cleaning so crucial?

Well, how important is the tongue for any human being? Because of it, you can speak clearly. Also, because of it, you enjoy the taste of the food you eat. Also, it helps you chew and swallow. A body part that performs so many functions needs special attention. Right?

It is common sense that whichever object is not cleaned or maintained will become dirty, and some form of bacteria or organisms will start piling up over there.

The same goes for a tongue. Bacteria will start depositing on the surface if a tongue is not cleaned. Although the tongue has good bacteria on it, here we are talking about unhealthy bacteria. This unhealthy bacteria will result in bad breath, yeast infection, and white patches on the tongue.

To avoid going through any of these, buy tongue cleaners or tongue scrapers and make sure to use them in your daily oral hygiene regimen.

Another product to include in your dental care routine is dental floss.

Floss is a thread that helps dislodge food trapped between the teeth, thereby enabling the cleaning of that area. To do so, one must hold the floss between the thumbs and forefingers tightly, place it between the teeth, and move the thread so that it removes any particles in the midst of your teeth.

In addition to removing food debris, frequent flossing will aid in removing plaque that might have amassed in the spaces between your teeth.

Having plaque has a direct effect on the possibility of developing cavities. Flossing will, in turn, lower the risk of tooth decay and cavities. Also, many times, bad breath is the result of food trapped between your teeth. This food, when it starts to decay, causes bad breath. Removing food particles by flossing will prevent any foul smell due to trapped food.

Being aware of oral health needs and taking action for those needs are two different things. Make sure your everyday oral healthcare routine includes these hygiene practices.

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