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Whatever one's sexual fantasies or likings be, when it comes to sex, the rule of thumb remains the same for everyone: the wetter, the better.

Vaginal dryness or inadequate wetness during sexual intercourse can make sexual intercourse painful. A woman's vagina normally becomes lubricated while performing sex. However, some people prefer more lubrication than what their bodies release, with a desire to get more pleasurable sex.

This is where lubricants come into play. Lubricants are liquids or gels that are applied to the genitals to prevent friction or mood arousal by massaging them during sexual play.

A lubricant is applied to the vagina, vulva, or anal area to make the area wetter, which makes penetration easy and smooth. A lubricant can also be applied to a man's penis. In both cases, the objective is to minimize and eliminate friction and make the act more pleasurable for both parties. Moreover, less friction reduces the risk of injury during sex.

In addition to using lubricants while having penetrative or anal sex, lubes are also preferred during masturbation or while using sex toys. A lube that is safe to use with condoms and/or sex toys will mention this information on the pack. Apart from this, a few lubes also make menstrual cup insertion easy.

Gone are the times when women would not communicate their desires in bed. Today if a woman feels a lubricant will take her a step closer to achieving orgasm, she would buy women lubricants and fulfil her desires. A lubricant may not guarantee an orgasm but definitely ease out the problem caused due to vaginal dryness.

Is it a good idea to buy lubricants? Vaginal dryness can be a reason for painful sex. And remember, sex should be enjoyed. If you are worried about how safe they are to use, go for skin-friendly lubricants. They are safe for use and do not cause any harm to the skin. With the availability of women's lubricants online, one can purchase them with complete privacy.

Furthermore, using a lubricating or massaging gel for a sensual massage during the act of foreplay can induce heightened sensation between you and your partner, resulting in a sensational sexual experience for both of you.

Most of the lubricants available for women are also lubricants for men and can also be applied to the male penis.

Lubricants come in different forms, such as oil-based, silicon-based, water-based, and hybrid lube. Hybrid lubes are generally a combination of silicon and water.

To experience a sexier, more pleasurable intimate time with your partner, do not think twice, give the product a try, and enjoy romantic and tempting moments with your beloved. 

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