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Flaky lips are extremely painful and how inconvenient! Whether you are eating salted fries or sipping a cup of tea, with every food intake those cracked lips hurt. And this is not the case in winter only. Yes, in winter the skin appears to be drier due to lack of natural moisture but chapped or dry lips are something you experience irrespective of the weather conditions. The bleeding and the pain not only hurt you but your overall look as well. Imagine going to the office with chapped lips and facing that uncalled presentation or that sudden date you have been meaning to go on, it affects your personality. Hence, comes the lip balm in the picture. Your savior in tiny tubes, sticks, or jars lip balm is mainly made up of beeswax or other wax-like greasy substance that creates an external shield-like layer to protect your lips from dry air, wind, and primarily cold temperatures. The skin of your lips is thinner as compared to other parts and being mostly exposed, it is more prone to getting damaged. And therefore this tiny lip care product is found stashed in your bags, clutched to the glove box of your car. And why not? Since it is a quick fix for dry lips. 

If you are thinking that lip balms have only one functional area to work upon, then we want to correct that thought. There are more advantages than you think

Lip Balms for Dry Lips

Your lips may turn dark due to a lack of proper nourishment and moisture. But fret not, there are lip balms for dark lips that provide deep nourishment to your lips while eliminating the dark spots and dullness from your lips. So with the right lip balm in your vanity kit, there is no shying away from going bare on lips. 

Protection from Sun

It is not only winter when you have to be careful about your lips. The harsh weather of summer also sucks up the natural moisture of your skin leaving it dry and flaky. Not only that but the UV rays also leaves a negative impact on your pout. Hence, a good coat of lip balm helps you prevent further damage.

Rejuvenates Skin

Your lip balm can act as a rejuvenation mask for your lips. Follow this regime before going to bed. First, exfoliate your lips, you can use store-bought or a homemade scrub to do so, then apply a good coating of lip balm and keep it overnight. Wake up with plump and hydrated lips naturally.


Lip balms also have healing properties. The wax-like ingredient not only acts as a shield but also repairs broken skin on your lips. Hence, regular use of lip balm will surely give you smooth and soft lips.

Moisturizer Lip Balm for Women

Lip balms nourish your lips and make them appear juicy by thoroughly moisturizing them. Hence, lip balm is a savior for your  dry lips

Adds color

If you don’t like going through the long process of applying lip balm and then putting on lip color to beautify your lips, you can simply use tinted lip balms. They will add a tad bit of color to your lips while nourishing them.

You can explore several lip balm brands including Vaseline, Himalaya,  Maybelline,  Biotique,  Body Shop as well as  Nivea lip butter on cossouq. And hey, as you search for the best lip balm, look for products in other categories including Eyes, Body, Face, Hand & feet, Hair, Fragrance, Health & Wellness, Gift packs.