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Have you ever experienced a grainy texture on your lips while gliding that expensive lip color across? Well, I used to undergo this until I came across this miraculous product, Lip Mask. Every now and then, new products are introduced in the cosmetic industry, yet all of them are not easily adored. But this product has taken the beauty industry by storm. Is it because famous celebs are posting their pouts masked with lip-shaped sheets on social media, or is it really effective? Why don’t you try and tell us after reading our 2 cents on this product? To begin with, let us help you understand what a lip mask is. A lip mask is a gel-based sheet that is supposed to be worn either overnight or for a couple of hours. Just like your face mask, this lip mask is also considered food for your lips. To understand better about this product, let us walk you through some of the benefits of the lip mask.

These gel-like sheets are full of nourishing oils that include collagen. This formula deeply penetrates the skin providing necessary nourishment. It also removes fine lines, and collagen boost makes your pout look juicy and fuller.

Sometimes it gets tiring to constantly keep applying lip balms because they are not long-lasting. But these lip masks would not disappoint you with their longevity. These sheets are specially curated to treat lip tissues and provide them with intense hydration. Hence, the lip mask is a best friend for dry lips.

  • Smooth Suede Lips

Bid farewell to the rough and cracked lips. Your good shade of lipstick won’t have to go through that after a good nourishing session of putting on a lip mask. It removes fine lines, wrinkles, and cracks from your lips, giving a smooth suede-like surface. Include the short 15-minute lip mask session in your beauty regime before going out for that event.

  • Brightens Your Lips

The lip mask session not only hydrates your lips but also provides a brightening therapy. It helps you clear the skin by eliminating unwanted spots and giving you radiant lips. So, flaunting those pink lips is just one lip mask sheet away!

Before you go and include this lip mask therapy in your beauty regime, consider the following steps to get the optimum results out of it.

Step 1: Scrub it up! Broken, dry, and flaky lips do not absorb the serum of lip masks. Hence, it is necessary to remove the dead skin cells and even the surface. Pick a store-bought or homemade scrub. Spread it across your lips and gently scrub the dead cells off. Rinse and get your lips prepared. 

Step 2: Put on your lip mask. If it is butter or clay-based, layer a generous amount and spread it gently. Wait until the time suggested as per the instructions on the label.

Step 3: Rinse it or pluck off your lip mask. It is time to flaunt your luscious pout. 

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