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Almost everyone struggles with lip colour and its long-lastingness. It is very common to apply a lip tint in the morning, and by evening it vanishes. Most of us are always on an eternal hunt looking for ways to make lip colours last longer and keep them in place. Well, for this reason, maybe it's time that you take a look at lip primers. You probably have heard about lip primers, but it's not surprising if the question as to whether they are necessary. To be honest, you will be surprised knowing that priming your pout can save your makeup and be an amazing saviour for lip colours.

But what exactly is a lip primer? As the name implies, lip primer is a base you apply before putting on lip colour. It is similar to the regular makeup primer that we use on our faces to lay down foundations, concealers, and other face makeup products evenly and to last longer. They come in various forms like your lip colours do. There are lip primer crayons, lipsticks, and pencils, all of which are meant to be layered under your lip colour. There are  lip primers to stop lipstick bleeding , which have unique ingredients meant to hold your lipstick in summer when you have sweat dripping from your face, almost ready to ruin your precious makeup.

A lip primer is a makeup essential for a number of reasons. As mentioned above, it helps increase the longevity of lip makeup looks. Primers also work to keep the lip tint in place without letting it fade. By using lip primers, you can avoid the feathering of the lips and restrict the movement of lipstick. It's common for lipsticks to cling to dry patches and settle into fine lip lines, giving an ugly texture and making your lips look extra dry. A lot many people use a  lip primer to fill in lines  to avoid uneven application of lipstick and to get a smooth and sassy finish.

It is common for matte lipsticks to cause your lips to dry out, and  lip primers for matte lipstick  have a moisturising base effect, which helps your lips retain moisture and not feel chapped. The skin on our lips loses its elasticity while becoming flabby, and they lose their shape as we age. Therefore, we lose the applied lip colour faster than our younger counterparts. 

Lip Primer for Women & Men

Due to this, lip primers are kind of essential for older females. Primers that are comparatively thin in nature and can be applied in layers are often considered the  best lip primers for mature skin.  In other words, it can be said that they are the  best lip primers for over 50  years of females.

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