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When lip gloss came in the mid-90s, it was not known that they were going to be in the trend for this long. But, the fresh makeup look you get with the lip gloss is loved the most. It adds that little shine and glimmer to your lips, enhancing the overall look. But what is this magical product made of? Well, lip gloss is usually made of emollients or hydrating oils, thickeners, and a tint of colour. Emollients or hydrating oils give that wet, shiny texture while providing nourishment to your lips. On the other hand, thickeners or wax content creates that smooth, greasy texture that allows your gloss to glide through easily. Also, they help the gloss last longer without smearing or dripping away. Hence, the balance of wax and oil lets you rely on your lip gloss till that party ends or for late-night work meetings. If you are still not convinced about why to include lip gloss in your vanity, then keep reading.

  • Goes with every look

Lip gloss is one such magic wand that comes to the rescue when you are in a rush. Just one glide of this product, and you have your complete makeup look right there. Whether you are going for a subtle, casual look or the bold festive look, lip gloss will make sure to give you the desired look.

  • Keeps your pout hydrated

Lip glosses contain emollients or hydrating oils that don’t let your lips go dry and void of moisture. Hence, unlike other lip crayons or lipsticks, the non-sticky formula. Lip gloss, take care of your juicy pout all day long.

  • Easy to apply

No borders, no need to create a perfect lip shape. Lip glosses are the most simple and the easiest lip glamming product. Even if you need a touch-up or need to get ready, just glide this across your lips, and you are ready in a jiffy.

  • Adds glam to your look 

If you are someone who loves to experiment and add that extra sass to your look, then lip gloss is the tool for you. With this, you are just one glide away from getting those shimmery, sassy lips. 

  • Available in a huge range

If you think that this tool just adds glitter and shine to your pout, then we would like to correct you. Lip glosses are available in a huge range of different formulas to serve different purposes. For instance, if you are someone who wants to flaunt a plumper pout without going through painful and expensive surgeries, then there is a lip gloss for you. Lip plumper gloss is a quick and pocket-friendly option to attain those thick and juicy lips, and Maybelline’s Lifter Gloss is one of the trendings in the category. Lip glosses are available in so many different colours, opacity, and sparkle to complement your lip colour, be it light pink in the shade, or has a darker tone. 

  • Not heavy on your pockets

And they are pocket friendly! Yes, lip glosses are comparatively more affordable than your regular lipsticks. So, it would give you a sassy, plumper look without getting heavy on your pockets.

You can explore the range of best lip gloss plumper  and  lip gloss for darker lips in India  from prominent brands like Fenty Beauty, Glossier, Maybelline, and many others from  Cossouq. And hey, as you search for the  best lip gloss,  look for products in other categories, including Eyes, Body, Face, Hand & feet, Hair, Fragrance, Health & Wellness, and Gift packs as well.