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Call it the Kardashian legacy or changing need of the hour, plumped, fuller lips have taken the cosmetic industry by storm. Fluffy voluminous lips are so much in trend and everyone is constantly on a searching spree for how to get beautifully enhanced lips. But  Of course, there is an option of getting lip fillers but we will not go into that zone. Here we will discuss the effective alternatives that are cost-effective and which do not include a long tedious process. We are talking about lip plumpers. Lip plumpers make your thin lips fuller and luscious. It does not do any hefty altering but just enhances your lips making them appear naturally plump. And that too without getting any pricy surgeries. This is just like another lip cosmetic product that you have to get your hands on if you are also someone who likes to keep up with the trend. So how does it really work? The answer is quite simple, lip plumpers have ingredients that cause a minor tingling sensation which then enhances your lips. And no, the contents are not at all harmful. They include commonly used ingredients like ginger, peppermint, and cinnamon extracts which if you are not allergic, won’t cause any harm or reaction. It also has hydrating agents so that your lips don’t fall dry and keeps you ready for a juicy pout. Just make sure to test the plumper on your arm first without directly using it. However, these lip plumpers are available in different formulations. Let this little guide here enlighten you to go further

Lip Plumper Oil

A formulation made of cold-pressed oils like jojoba, argan, primrose, and various blends. The oil-based formula includes an apply-massage-rinse process so it won’t give you that icky feeling after all. If you are looking for a nature-friendly lip plumper, then you can go for the oil version since they do not contain any synthetic materials and is completely skin safe. The oil version of the lip plumper can also be made at home. Take any liquified oil for eg, coconut, jojoba, or almond, mix cinnamon oil or powder, clove oil or powder, and mix properly. Your homemade lip plumper oil is ready. 

Lip Plumping Serum

It is known that liquid formulation allows deeper penetration into the layers of skin. And a lip plumper serum does the job of volumizing your lips effectively. The serum directly targets the necessary areas of your lips to give the fuller and plumped effect. Not just that, but these serums are safe for your skin and for your health as well if you swallow them. Hence, this lightweight lip-plumping agent moisturizes as well as enhances your lips without making you feel sticky. And you would not need to remove this serum as you can wear it under your lipstick. Hence, one less step of the regime.

Lip Plumping Balm

These are just your regular lip balms with a little upgradation. Mainly made from beeswax, these balms have a greasy texture just like your normal balm. But you get the variants in color pigmentation. You can either choose a plain, colorless balm or pick your favorite tint but with this, make your lips look softer, smoother, and voluminous.

Lip Plumper Gloss

Just like your ordinary lip glosses, these ones give your lips a plumping effect in addition. The glassy effect of gloss makes your pout look luscious whereas the spicy ingredients add a fluffy effect. These do not require re-application. Hence you can just apply it once and forget about it for the rest of the day

Apart from these products, there are also lip plumper tools available that plump your lips naturally without applying any cosmetic products. You can explore the range of lip plumpers including Lip Injection Extreme at the best prices from Cossouq. And hey, as you search for the best lip plumper in India, look for products in other categories including Eyes, Body, Face, Hand & feet, Hair, Fragrance, Health & Wellness, and Gift packs.