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Understanding a baby is a lot of work since their mode of communication is crying. The needs of a baby can be complicated to understand. Soothing a colicky baby is a headache for a lot of parents.

But the point here is, there are a lot of ways to soothe a colicky baby, organic gripe water being one of them.

Gripe water for newborns is a herbal remedy known to calm a crying baby. Though effective, GRIPE WATER has a risk of side effects. Hence it is very much necessary to choose the right brand as a child’s body is sensitive.

But what is gripe water? There are a lot of over-counter products in the market which claims to soothe an irritated baby but while choosing, you have to be cautious and you will want a safe remedy.

Gripe water is a liquid, herbal supplement. Different brands of gripe water may have some additional ingredients but all of them have a few common ingredients.

Woodward’s Gripe Water, one of the most famous brands for gripe water contains natural and untampered ingredients like fennel, ginger, cinnamon, lemon balm, licorice, and chamomile. Some additional ingredients may include flavoring agents or sugar making it more palatable. A few brands may also contain alcohol which should be checked before being bought.

A baby’s digestion discomfort can make them behave colicky as their digestion system is immature and they may not be able to pass gas.

The herbs in gripe water are known to help with digestion, hence this remedy is considered to soothe colic caused by gassiness. However, most of this thesis is a result of research on adults and not infants. Gripe water for adults is composed of liquid sodium carbonate with the rest of the herbs mentioned, a few drops of which causes instant relief from gastric and gastrointestinal pain.

Gripe water, though no doubt effective, is a non-prescription product since its effectiveness is evidenceless and considered anecdotal. Not many, but there are a few side effects of gripe water. A baby’s digestive system is very sensitive and some herbs may cause an allergic reaction resulting in discomfort, swelling, and pain. Hence it is recommended to always consult a child specialist before giving it to the baby.

Best Gripe Water in India is by Dabur, Woodwards, and Wellements. Wellements Organic Gripe Water uses certified organic ingredients, safely easing stomach discomfort and gas, and not-so-good feelings often associated with fussiness, hiccups, and colic.

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