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Babies have a sensitive scalps. Like adults, the volume of hair growth differs in babies such as some babies are born bald, while some come with a head full of baby hair. Babies have delicate hair. Does their hair need care as our hair needs? Yes. Just as important it is to give them a body massage, their scalp also needs nourishment. Oiling is the most natural way of nourishing the baby’s hair and skin. In Ayurveda, a baby’s head massage begins when the infant is one month old or when the baby has become strong enough to take the little pressure of hands. 

Children’s hair needs special care, given the unique characteristics that make it different from adult hair. As children’s hair produces lower levels of natural oils, experts recommend using nutritious and natural oils, including almond oil and olive oil, to nourish and maintain the baby’s hair’s health and vitality.

A head oil massage is also beneficial because the massaging increases blood circulation. This can also help the baby to sleep well. If you are worried about your baby’s hair growth, consider getting the best baby hair oil for hair growth in India.

So how do you decide which is the best hair oil for your baby? Simple, any hair oil made of natural ingredients like organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, and pure almond oil is best for the baby’s hair. Some of the most popular baby hair oils in India are  mamaearth baby hair oil and johnson baby hair oil.

Mothers are often worried about their little ones and how they can give them the best care. Which soaps they should, whether X product is safe for the baby or which is the best natural oil for baby hair? We get it, we completely get it. Every mother wants the best for their child.

Consider choosing an oil that keeps your baby’s skin hydrated and cool during summer while you choose the best hair oil for the baby in summer.

While on the one hand mothers of infants want to know which is the best baby hair oil in India; on the other hand, some adults like using baby hair oils for themselves. Many people believe that baby oil is a popular home remedy to get rid of head lice and lice eggs in both adults and children. Moreover, baby hair oil for adults also makes hair soft and shinier.

Though babies do have the benefit of having a hair oil category dedicated to them, there are no separate segments for the best hair oil for baby girls and baby boys. You can use the same product regardless of your child’s gender.

Another popular choice among mothers for their babies is baby hair oil: Himalaya. Mothers trust this product because it is free from mineral oil, alcohol, parabens, colorant, and phthalates. The product is enriched with nourishing oils such as coconut, sesame, almond, and olive. Also, other ingredients namely amla, Gotu kola, bhringaraj, and fenugreek are known to promote hair growth and luster.

So what are you waiting for? Just order the best baby hair oil from COSSOUQ  and give your baby an amazing head massage.