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Whether you are a fan of Marie Kondo’s organising videos or you prefer to just stay a bit laid back when it comes to placing things, a makeup pouch is something no one wants to skip. I mean, come on, who likes to go searching for their cosmetics products in different drawers when they are already on the run? A makeup pouch is your buddy in all those times when you are getting late to go somewhere or looking for a quick touch-up. It is so much better and more convenient to get access to all your cosmetic essentials in one place instead of going on a search spree. But owning a simple plain pouch and turning them into your makeup utility pouch is just not enough. And considering that point, there are different types of cosmetic pouches that you would want to explore from

  • Micro Makeup case

As the name suggests, these makeup cases are tiny pouches that are supposed to hold only one makeup product at a time. For instance, a compact powder or lipstick. These pouches are the tiniest case to keep your makeup essentials. Not only that, but they also come with an inbuilt mirror when you are in need of a quick touch-up.

  • Small Makeup bag

A small makeup bag or pouch is the basic makeup organiser that you will find pretty much in every household. These bags are the ones with your typical latch and zippers. However, these small makeup bags or pouches are only suitable for short-term travel since they cannot hold much of products, so if you are going on a two-day trip, this tiny yet big enough pouch will store all the makeup essentials that you will require for your short trip.

  • Large Travel Makeup Bag

If you are planning a long trip with your girlfriends that you have been meaning to go on for so long or that family vacation to celebrate the holiday season, large travel makeup bags do the job. They come with several compartments for your face care products, lip care products, and additional tools, including your foundation blender, blusher, lipstick brush, eyelash curler, etc. They also come with proper cushioning to product your eye and lip palettes from getting cracked in the transport. Hence, with the identity tags, multiple storage compartments, and the right cushioning, a large travel bag is your perfect companion for extended trips.

  • Personalised Makeup Bag

Some of us like to keep it subtle; some like a blingy designer cosmetic bag whereas others prefer a completely customised one. For those who want to have a personal touch with everything they own, there is an option for a personalized makeup bag. You can find several brands that allow you to create your own type of makeup bag, including the colour, design, and size of the bag with a personalised message as per your wish. These bags could be a great gifting idea for birthdays, bridal showers, or even for your wedding guests.

  • Makeup Brush Bag/Pouch

As the name suggests, a dedicated organiser for your makeup brushes, this bag is the most essential if you are a professional makeup artist. You can get it either in the form of a foldable pouch or a bag. With the segregated compartments for each type of makeup brush, organizing them gets very easy.

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