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Derma Roller Products Online in India

As technology has advanced, many procedures previously reserved for dermatologists' offices can now be performed at home. Micro-needling can be regarded as one of those procedures. The DIY of this procedure is known as derma rolling. Derma roller, as the name suggests, is a handheld device featuring a roller that has rows upon rows of tiny needles and is inexpensive and more convenient than visiting a skincare specialist.

But the main question that mostly arises is, "does it provide equal benefits as traditional micro-needling? Well, to be honest, not entirely. Derma rolling does provide a lot of benefits, and they can certainly be seen after some weeks of regular use, but they are not as quick and pro as micro-needling.

Derma rollers have a wide range of applications. However, the most significant ones are resolving pigmentation disorders and enhancing your skin's surface. Fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars are all said to be diminished with regular use of it. There are derma rollers for face, which have tiny needles as compared to derma rollers for hair which have thicker needles. Basically, derma rollers allow skincare products to penetrate deeper, leading them to produce more and more powerful effects on your skin.

But how do derma rollers work? Well, micro-needling causes a low level of trauma to the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin). This improves the skin's healing process, promotes skin regeneration, and also produces anti-aging substances, such as elastin and collagen. On the other hand, derma rollers create tiny pathways into the skin with their tiny needles.

The best derma roller for acne scars assists in removing the scars slowly but effectively. When Derma rollers are used on your face or skin, they prick your skin slightly. As a result of this skin pricking, your face produces more collagen to heal the minor wounds caused by the roller, and in the process, your skin also starts healing scars.

Similarly, derma rollers for beard growth are also rollers that are covered in titanium or stainless steel needles. The roller is used on the skin in slow and soft strokes. Consequently, the skin's outer layer is pierced, which later leads to collagen production. The main component of collagen is amino acids, which are needed by the hair follicle cells to produce keratin (a protein that promotes hair strength).

In addition to keratin and collagen production, the best derma rollers for hair growth improve blood circulation and boost nutrient-rich blood flow to that area hence improving hair growth.

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